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We offer full Pest Control services to residential and commercial accounts throughout Whatcom and Skagit counties. We are active members of local and nationwide associations which allows us the resources to stay current on the newest and most effective pest control treatments available. Please see links below for additional information on each association. Please see links below for additional information on each association.


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Moisture Ants are yellow to a brown in color and are a monomorphic species which means all workers are the same size, and range in size from 3-5 mm long.
Reproductive swarming occurs in the late summer, this is when most people realize they have an infestation. These ants frequently appear associated with rotting wood in houses. While several species may bring moisture into the wood structure to increase damage, the colony initially started in wood in an advanced stage of decay. These ants are not considered structural pest as the problem invariably existed before the colony was established. Moisture ants need moisture to survive. If decayed rotted wood is replaced with sound lumber problem will be taken care of. Chemical control measures act as a temporary solution by killing the ants.


Dampwood have three castes: Reproductives, workers, and soldiers. Dampwood Termites are generally much larger than Subterranean termites. The swarmers may be up to 1" in length. Including their wings and are kind of a mahogany color. The winged reproductive (swarmers) have a pair of long, equally sized wings attached to the last two thoracic segments. The wings are broken off after swarming. Termite antennae have bead like segments. The soldiers of the Dampwood Termite have a large reddish-brown head and large multi-toothed mandibles and are 3/8"-3/4" long. The workers are white to cream color, have dark abdomens and are 1/8"-1/3" long.
In most cases, control can be achieved by eliminating or repairing structurally unsound wood and correcting moisture problems. Spraying alone will not eliminate this pest.

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Washington State Pest Management Association
National Pest Management Association
Building Industry Association of Whatcom County
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